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A Letter To Da Mouse Fans

For over a year now I’ve been silent. Something that’s apparent to anyone who checks the date of the most recent post on our site. That isn’t by design and it pains me to think that I’ve been gone for that long without even sharing why. But for over a year now I haven’t been welcome at the Walt Disney World Resort. And unlike some of the other news outlets who are large enough to immediately receive the backing from other fellow media organizations when they fall into the wayward actions that can be taken by the Walt Disney Company, I’ve had to resort to patience and silence at the request of many of my friends and family who thought it best to just let things work themselves out on their own. Even though I wasn’t optimistic about the latter proving out, that’s the course I took so that I could protect my family and loved ones as best I could. I did it whilst sacrificing my love and passion for my work, my livelihood and the trust and friendship I had attained from so many of you who had become fans of Da Mouse and given me as much as I’d given you in the time I spent giving my all to this site and to you.

Today I realized that it was more than ample time to move forward and though some of it may never be the same that will no longer be reason enough for me just to sit on the sidelines and not continue my passions. I owe it to myself and to you and I hope my friends and family will be supportive of my decision to stay silent no longer and pursue my happiness.

So what can you expect going forward? The truth is I’m not sure. I’m still hopeful that one day the Walt Disney Company will come to its senses and I will be allowed to visit and cover their business wherever it resides in a media capacity in full as well as a civilian but no matter what they decide, Da Mouse will be back to being what it always intended to be. A fan and news site for all of you. It will continue to cover Disney fairly as it always did even when they get things wrong and praise them when they get things right. It will hopefully be better than ever and the simple fun you’ve always come to expect when enjoying our brand of media.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and now let’s get back to doing what we love to do. I can’t wait.