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Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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We are the most advanced species on Earth yet we are left in awe of the animals all around us. We’ve created powerful handheld devices that contain most of the world’s knowledge and yet we find there is still so much to learn when we are near these beautiful creatures. Their majesty is no fluke and our wonder no error in judgment, for at our best our lives are different but our world shared and hope bountiful.


At Disney’s Animal Kingdom life in its many forms even in those we perceive with a bit of imagination is celebrated to its very core.  From thrilling adventures to the highest mountain tops or even back in time to an era where giants roamed the Earth, there isn’t a moment where you aren’t captured by the very raw and instinctive power of the world around you.  But thrill doesn’t arrive only when you are at the edge of your seat for the most memorable moments often come when nature is seemingly at rest.  It could a cheetah just capturing its breath on a warm summer day or a newly born giraffe trying to get a hang of life in its most basic of stages and yet we can’t help but be taken aback in amazement.  Often life is represented with a circle but that shape can’t denote how life continually rises and gets better.  Because the very laws of nature push us towards the good and if we are, then our kingdom knows no bounds, then our life will be as free and beautiful as our universe.



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