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Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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nter the golden age of Hollywood, as the popping of cameras and bustle of celebrity, media and fans share in landmark evenings that can sometimes feel even bigger than the films themselves.  Moments suspended in time, forged to create buzz, to propel theatrics to greatness and to inspire those who are looking for just a whiff of that magic to dream.  Here at Disney’s Hollywood Studios you’ve made it kid and it’s everything you ever hoped it would be.


You are the star you always knew you would become but you are to about to find out that making it in Hollywood is only the start of the adventure.  Soon you will be racing at the speed of light through the outer realms of space, diving right into world of animation and gazing upon fantastic nighttime spectacles.  Oh and do take care of where you decide to take residence for the night because we hear that there is no turning back once you’ve reached the 13th floor of a certain Hollywood hotel.  Yes your adventure begins today and your star begins to shine till it is etched in concrete for the eyes of eternity to admire, aspire to and remember.


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