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Magic Kingdom

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If we were to describe the best of the human spirit we’d arrive at some pretty powerful words.  Love, Happiness, Kindness and Imagination.  And yet we still wouldn’t even be close to describing the character and charm of the place we all know and cherish.  For the most magical kingdom on Earth was brought forth by the spirit and ingenuity of a man who personified those words and so many more and who dreamed of a world fit to one day make his children laugh and smile just the same way we would all as we stepped into something much more than an amusement park.


For amongst the lands of Fantasy, Tomorrow, Adventure and the Frontier we run into something indescribable, something words can never reach, a magic that one can only feel.  It is the awe that makes one pause and realize just how special our lives truly are, it is the wonder of what our lives can be if we just set our minds free and it is the hope of the future of goodness and humanity.  For though in this happy place we often feel like we are somewhere out of this world, it has always been a reflection of our world and still filled with just enough magic to dare us to dream of something more.


For in the end the goal was laughter.  Thanks to the vision of Walter Elias Disney and the many who saw that vision through along with those who carry it on today, smiles continue to rain down on this earth.  It is thanks to all of them that we step into this special place and know we are about to share the most magical memories with those we love.  Whether it be our first time soaring in the sky on Dumbo the Flying Elephant, or our five-hundredth time daring fate amongst swashbuckling pirates, our lives are forever changed.  We know we’ve stepped into our happy place, filled with fantasy and dreams, daring and adventure.  It is going to be a glorious day because we are in the Magic Kingdom.


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