Vinylmation Sweepstakes!

This is your chance to win a Disney Muppets Vinylmation!

Muppets Vinylmation Art

I know you are thinking a couple of things.   Some of you can’t help but jump in excitement over your chance to jump into Disney’s latest craze for the price of free and wondering how do I sign up and yet others are having that reaction I had a year ago, “Vynl-what?!”  To the latter of you don’t worry it will all be clear soon.

But first Entry Rules:

Entry couldn’t be easier…All you need to do is, live in the United States, click on “sign me up” under “Email Subscription” (left sidebar) and enter a valid email (so that I can notify the winner and so you can continue to enjoy great content 🙂 ) .  Yes its really that simple. The winner will be selected at random from those who subscribe (those who have already subscribed since launch….thank you and you are entered automatically as well) and the lucky winner will be announced on the site and notified next Monday (November 15th).  Sign up now!

A couple shots of the prize box…!

Vinylmation Kermit

Vinylmation Box Top Angle

Ok ok, now that you have signed up…you did sign up right? Good.  Well now onto the story of Disney’s most fashionable collectible trend.  Vinylmations are what you get when you combine Disney’s love for animation and the medium vinyl which supplies the canvas for these collectible figurines.  As you may have already noticed these canvases start off as a 3-dimensional Mickey figurine but end up as a totally new expression.  Vinylmations that are a runaway hit if their prominence in the Parks tells you anything, were first introduced in the middle of 2008.  But there is more to this collectible than a recognizable canvas and creativity.

There is the thrill of the chase.  These collectors items are much like playing cards were in yesteryear where one doesn’t know which one comes inside the box!  So for you hardcore collectors out there, this is the ultimate challenge.  Its fun, its exciting and all in all Vinylmations are pretty cool.  But don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself in the video below.