Disney Winter Magic Trip Report: Part 3

Welcome to Fantasyland and we’ve arrived at an incredible moment.  Fantasyland provides some of the most timeless fun and experiences at the Magic Kingdom.  To further the latter, Disney Imagineers are hard at work in the construction of the Fantasyland Expansion that will include a Little Mermaid dark ride, a Beauty & the Beast full-service restaurant, an expanded Dumbo attraction that will now include two spinners along with an all-new interactive queue and finally a rumored Snow White mine-car-themed ride.  Disney is touting the expansion as the largest in Magic Kingdom history and it will open in phases with most of the experiences open to guests by 2013.  Construction is well under way and you can see the progress in some of the photos and video below but also of note is the newly re-imagined queue at The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh attraction.  The queue recently reopened to reveal dazzling improvements that foreshadow the new more detailed theming that will be found throughout the Fantasyland Expansion that will depart with the past medieval fair theme.

Hope you enjoy Part 3 and if you havent already make sure to catch up with all the content within Part 1 and Part 2 of this series.

Snow White's Scary Adventures won't be around for too much longer if the rumors are true...

The rumors are indicating that money has been reallocated in the Fantasyland Expansion to include a Snow White Mine Car Ride, the current attraction would be repurposed.
So make sure to ride the attraction whose days may be numbered.
Of course...Dopey 🙂
Well the gift shop is ready...

If you have little ones in your group make sure to arrive when the park opens so you don't have to deal with long lines. There is nothing like the feeling that you have the park to yourself.
This unique view won't be possible soon, as Dumbo will be relocating a bit further East in the MK as part of the overall expansion.
Dumbo provides a good view of the Fantasyland Expansion. The concrete building in the background will house the Little Mermaid attraction.
Here you see the steel framework for the Beauty & the Beast Restaurant.
Fantasyland Expansion Flyover in video below:

This doesn't feel like the old Fantasyland anymore...

New Entrance, New Signage, Lots of "Hunny"...
Close-up of the New Sign...
The Little Ones Have A Special Entrance

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