Disney Winter Magic Trip Report: Part 5

Glad to have you back.  It’s been an amazing morning at the Magic Kingdom and this latest update (Click for Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) will take us on our final loop but what a loop it is.  We begin in Frontierland, ride Big Thunder Mountain and head over to Liberty Square and Fantasyland before returning back to Main Street U.S.A. and getting one last big surprise before we leave for Epcot around noon.

As always hope you enjoy the update, stay tuned for the videos that will be posted later today or tomorrow and please leave comments below on what ya think about the photos or the updates.

In the good ol' days this used to serve McDonald fries...

Side entrance into Pecos Bill Cafe...
Looks like we've found a couple of cowboys.
This Toy Story bunch is ready to sign some autographs.
Seeing Splash Mountain never get old.
It was bitter cold so it was running without the water pumps turned on.
But while everybody stares and waits for the next boat to drop, make sure to look back for a great view of the castle.
Brer Rabbit is the star of one of the best attractions at Walt Disney World.
Big Thunder Mountain Awaits...

The sights and sounds from the queue build anticipation for the ride.
Make sure to ride in the back row for the most fun on BTM.
This here is the Wildest Ride in the Wilderness
Looking Across we see the construction going on around Haunted Mansion's Queue. When all is said and done, the queue will have all new interactive elements...the queue will also allow for wheelchair access through the main entrance.
Just a Frontierland American Flag? Or is it?
The American Flag as a symbol of the United States must be taken care of and part of that is taking it down and folding it up every night or placing a spotlight on it at night. So Disney places fewer stars on their American Flags as a workaround. The official US Flag in the Magic Kingdom can be found on the Main Street USA circle (Kudos to my friend JC Perez, he was the first to point this one out to me).
Really love how they are "placing" these themed Meet & Greets.
If you have never taken a trip on the Riverboat, make sure you take the time on your next visit.
Disney really did a marvelous job updating this attraction...watching Lincoln stand up and give his Gettysburg Address is really something special.
So many little things you might just walk on by in Disney but that add to the character and experience in the parks.
Liberty Bell

Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe: Where it's always a Disney Christmas, always.
Another Food Spot worth finding on your path through the Magic Kingdom.
Their Funnel Cakes are delicious and the fresh Mickey Waffles must be amazing as well.
A look inside...now this is where the magic happens!
There are 999 Happy Haunts and lucky for you they still have room for one more...

The Haunted Mansion Indeed.
After surviving The Haunted Mansion, we move on to a much more difficult challenge, surviving it's a small world 😉
The entrance to the ride has been flipped with the exit and has really improved the flow of people and improved wheelchair access.

Here is a better look at the reworked queue.

(Ride Video Coming Soon!)

Really like the new darker color scheme on Peter Pan's flight. Still won't wait 40 mins + to ride it. Hopefully the new added capacity coming in the Fantasyland Expansion will help to alleviate the long lines in the rest of Fantasyland as the imagineers intend it to.
Guess who I found on my way out of the park?
...and Minnie Too!
We've got ourselves a parade...
Monorail Yellow says hello.
What a beautiful day it has turned into...sun is out over the Seven Seas Lagoon.
Looks like the updated trams have made their way to the Magic Kingdom...I really like how they look and if it cuts down on cast members having to order parents to sit small children to the inside, it's a huge upgrade.
They add a little extra safety without really impeding your entry and exit much...no complaints here.

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