Disney Winter Magic Trip Report: Part 6

After spending a wonderful winter morning in the Magic Kingdom we set off to Epcot and prepare to see Epcot’s Candlelight Processional.  Every Christmas season this performance retells the story of Christmas with narration by celebrity guests (in our case Whoopi Goldberg) and the accompaniment of a 50-piece orchestra and a mass choir.  It has become a tradition in our family to see the processional and I’m sure once you live the experience in person it will be one of your holiday traditions as well.

As day turns into night we head over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to enjoy Disney’s Osborne Spectacle of Lights.

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If you are all caught up, then proceed to enjoy what is another great part of the Disney Christmas story…

American Icons
It's Christmas from the moment you walk up...
...even if it is a very modern take on it.

It has been nice to see the Fountain of Nations restored to its original greatness.

Disney does an incredible job with their topiaries...
...at least Mickey and Minnie think so.
Epcot's Christmas Tree takes center stage at the entrance to the World Showcase.
Really love how the theming of the trees incorporates the spirit of each park.
Happy Holidays from Epcot to the World.
Goofy looks absolutely incredible...
Epcot's Candlelight Processional draws an enormous crowd...
The American pavilion has its own Christmas tree...
The line for the 5PM show was two countries down in Germany before 2PM!
So we grabbed a spot, just outside of the American Gardens Theater and it didn't take long to be reminded why all the trouble to see the show is worth it.
Though next year im reserving my seat with one of the dining packages. I will write a post about Disney Dining Reservations soon and explain further some of the options available.

(Stay tuned to for truly awe-inspiring sights and sounds from Disney’s Candlelight Processional)

Whoopi Goldberg takes to the podium and delivers what is truly an unforgettable message and gift to the world.

(Stay tuned to for truly awe-inspiring sights and sounds from Disney’s Candlelight Processional)

After delivering the narration, Whoopi left the audience with a message of giving. Nothing could be more honorable than giving that sense of love we all share in the holidays onto others. You always get more in return than you receive.

(Stay tuned to for truly awe-inspiring sights and sounds from Disney’s Candlelight Processional)

We literally walked over from Epcot to Disney's Hollywood Studios as night fell but it was worth it if just for this view from across the pond.
Disney's Hollywood Studios' blurry Christmas tree 😉
The anticipation builds...
Disney's California Adventure is soon going to remodel their entrance to look like this and you can see why they might want to. Their is a nostalgic coolness to this entryway at Disney's Hollywood Studios.
Love how Mickey greets us as we enter the park.
Yeah, it was busy 🙂
My favorite ride at Disney World comes into view front and center.
An amazing angle at the Tower. You can see the scaffolding set up around its walls as it's receiving an extensive exterior refurbishment to paint in some of the look that has worn off under the hot Florida Sun.

Fantastic Fantasmic
Remember when this had the MGM logo on its walls?

Did somebody order Christmas Lights?

(Stay Tuned for Amazing Videos from Disney’s Osborne Lights)

How about 5 Million of them?

(Stay Tuned for Amazing Videos from Disney’s Osborne Lights)

The Osborne lights is really out of this world and usually inspires me to go back home and set up a relatively worthy display back home.
Everywhere you look its lights, lights...
...and more lights.

(Stay Tuned for Amazing Videos from Disney’s Osborne Lights)

Hidden Mickey Toy Soldier
Mickey in sea of blue lights

Snowing over New York...well sort of.

And now onto Dinner!
Even Mickey is up in arms about it...
That's because Dining at the Brown Derby is a special treat and one I will be sharing with you when I post my review of it soon.

The Hollywood Brown Derby Restaurant Review Coming soon!

After dinner we are reenergized and ready to make full use of Magic Kingdom's 1AM closing time...
But before we go, we take a look back and realize...
We have Disney's Hollywood Studios all to ourselves.

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