Disney Winter Magic Trip Report: Part 7

I don’t know of any season more beautiful than Christmas.  Sure, its due to the lovely decorations but more than that its the spirit of love that we share with everyone around us that truly makes this season shine like no other.  As we wrap up this Disney Winter Magic Trip Report, I just wanted to extend to everyone happy holiday wishes and a truly merry Christmas filled with joy and love.

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If you are all caught up then follow me into the final chapter of our Disney Winter Magic Story as we head back into the Magic Kingdom.

Very Late Night in the MK Parking Lot
Main Street Train Station giving the Osborne Lights a run for its money 🙂

Blurry but you get a sense of the crowd even as we head into the next morning!

Is there anything like this?
What a contrast right? But Mickey's ToonTown Fair is closing this coming February as part of the Fantasyland Expansion...so think of these photos as a final farewell.
Still not 100% sure whats going to replace the land but most signs point to a Dumbo Carnival-like theme but the tents there now will not remain last I heard.
This train station will be closed beginning in February but operation of the train will continue around the park.
Your Favorite Disney Characters are being relocated...
Hey Mickey, sorry bud but your new home is in Main Street USA!
Donald's Boathouse was a real splash but I don't expect it will survive the expansion either.
Minnie's House is going the way of the dodo bird too...
Goofy's Barnstormer Roller-coaster will be re-themed but it will be part of the new Dumbo area.
Instead of welcome we bid farewell, to some great memories as the anticipation grows for the new memories to come after the expansion is completed.
Tomorrowland's neon really makes Tomorrowland the neatest location in MK at night.
The Castle glistens in the night...
...as if it were decorated in Swarovski Crystal.
One last look back at Tomorrowland...
Aren't they just the perfect couple?
This is something that always will be better in person although I hope you are getting a taste of just how truly magical it is.
Main Street U.S.A. with its classic warmth.
Merry Christmas to all...
We left Magic Kingdom for Epcot to retrieve our car on the last Monorail for the night. Luckily it was a fast one!
As if I needed any more reason to be excited for TRON.
Spaceship Earth looking Majestic even at 1AM in the Morning!

…hope you’ve enjoyed the Disney Winter Magic Trip Report!