New Memories in Disney: Part 3

It was an incredible trip and hopefully you are enjoying my retelling of it.  We strolled through the Magic Kingdom in Part 1 and took to the skies in Soarin’ in Part 2.  Now we wrap up the night in Epcot before heading over to Kidani Village within the Animal Kingdom Lodge for a second day of Disney.  As you may have noticed, my blog received a nice little revamp and the pictures are smaller but they are thumbnails as always.  So if you like a picture and want to see it bigger, make sure to click on it.  Oh and one more thing…remember to leave your comments and share your own Disney experiences.  As always, enjoy.

Sometimes it's the things that aren't listed on the guidemap that are the most this nighttime vista.
Nemo on the Ocean Floor...
The Living Seas exudes happiness through its use of color.

Mine! Mine! Mine!
That geodesic dome is everywhere!

Fish are Friends...
Getting creative.
Nothing like an indoor sunset...

(On-ride Video Coming Soon)

Feels like I'm at an AMC Theater...sadly.
Grease Lightning
Electric Umbrella living up to its name.
Tip: Electric Umbrella features one of the only beverage refill stations in Disney.
Vinylmania is everywhere!
Retro Epcot Mickey
Dreamfinder is back! really.
Mouse Gear Revamped.
There is better spacing in the store after its refurbishment and that's important because this store is crowded at all times of the day.
Its about time Disney allows you to try on clothes in store.
New Cash Register set-up.
Day 2
Day 2 begins within the Animal Kingdom Lodge...
Heading to Sanaa which makes for a perfect lunch. Its located inside the Disney Vacation Club Resort Kidani Village within AK Lodge.
Once you drive up...make sure to park in the Timon Parking Lot and take this elevator.
Tons of art throughout your journey.

Peeking into the Savannah...
Now that is scary...scary cool.
This room is something else. It's really inviting. It has an incredible sense of warmth and comfort.

These quotes take on only more meaning as the events continue to unfold in the region.
This panoramic view is breathtaking.
The quotes really add character to Kidani Village.
Fiery Blown Glass Lights up the lobby.

Hey I can dream of checking-in here right?
More Lobby....
Naturally Amazing

I will be posting more photos of Sanaa along with a full review of the restaurant soon!

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