New Memories in Disney: Part 4

There is nothing like your first visit to Disney World unless you find new personal “Disney Firsts.”  For many it will be a newly opened attraction that provides the latest in theme park technology and shows us how to reach laughter and excitement in new ways.  For others who are fortunate enough to frequent the parks more often they must find their “Disney Firsts” in other ways.  Since Disney is practically my second home I must say I fall into the latter category but this has allowed me to understand Disney at a whole new level.  Sure I love visiting the theme parks, (see Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) but once you realize that Disney World provides entertainment in many other varieties it makes for a more complete experience that will cater better to your needs and wants.  Kidani Village within the Animal Kingdom Lodge is but one example of this.  The up close experience you get with giraffes, zebras and ostriches is memorable and really unlike any zoo or anything you can imagine until you have seen it with your own eyes.  Kidani Village is a delight for the casual explorer spirit within all of us.  The African quotes on its walls draw us closer, its sights of the savannah ask us to imagine the world for both how it is and how it could be.  I could go on and on but as Rafiki would say, “it is time.” Time for you to find your next Disney First…

A wise man once said...

The wavy roof which is more apparent in person adds a flow to this corridor that draws you in.
When you have views like this one, you feel humbled to be so lucky to be able to enjoy them.
The lighting is contemporary yet has a sense of place within the realm of Kidani Village.
As you can probably tell, I'm all about the details and Disney Imagineers never seem to miss any. Just look at all the different textures and colors and shapes. Wonderful.
The Sanaa Menu may be a little out of the norm for most but its well worth the experience.
The Restaurant isn't open yet...we could wait here...or...
...or we can wait out here 🙂
Disney & Nature make for an incredible match.

It really looks spectacular... Ostrich.
...even Zebras in the distance.
Food is strategically placed to draw the animals into view.
This just in...Giraffes are tall!
This one says, "hello."

Looking Towards Sanaa...
Each light has hand-made decorations surrounding them...
You know what they say...

This is a very peaceful overlook.

Time for Sanaa seriously beautiful.
We had the corner window but still had a nice view out onto the Savannah.

Appetizer: Indian Style Bread Service
Stay tuned for a full review of Sanaa with more pictures and food recommendations.
Even Sanaa gets into the quote action...
Kidani Village Entrance...
You can see the relationship of Kidani Village to the Jambo House as part of the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

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