ESPN The Weekend 2011: Part 1

As a sports fan, ESPN The Weekend at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is an event that one can’t miss.  So if you didn’t make it out this year make sure to plan a trip next year to see it in person.  As for this year’s event, it was the best yet and I have tons of photos and video to share with you.  Let’s jump right in.

Only a true sports fan will wake up this early for anything... is not even 5AM yet!
This baseball tower is a modern take on a classic look that really engulfs this complex.
You see that? Yup, it's a line. That means people have been standing there since 4AM!

As we wait and wait, the sun begins to rise on a new day and sky blue sets upon ESPN's Wide World of Sports

I bet you are probably wondering why we'd wait in such a crazy line at such a ridiculous time on vacation...well...
Well that's why! To see the first hot air balloon rise into the skies. Of course I'm only joking but it was a beautiful sight nonetheless.
Well what do ya's Mickey Mouse. Too bad he seems to be playing for the wrong team.
The Braves use the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex as their Spring Training Facility.

Sitting outside waiting for an opportunity to catch-all the action inside. more teasing...We are LIVE with Mike & Mike in the Morning on ESPN Radio
It's the small lessons in one's life that sometimes inspire greatness.
As you can see its a pretty big set-up and even still it couldn't accommodate everyone who lined up for the show! This was a full house. Lots of extra lighting for the show's taping as well.
Anquan Boldin steps into the show...

Golic tweeting during the commercial break...
Mike Greenberg Salutes the crowd as they wrap up the show.

The Herd with Colin Cowherd follows Mike & Mike in the Morning.
NY Jets' Bart Scott steps onto the set.

A quick overlook at some of the sports fields.
On our way out around noon...
Heading to our hotel room at Coronado Springs.

All in All, it was a pretty interesting morning at Disney's Wide World of Sports...(I hope to post some videos later this week)

Ahhh this bed will come in handy after such an early start to the day.

The furnishings are about what you'd expect from a Disney Moderate Resort with some pleasant touches mixed in.

I really liked these wood doors that slide closed for privacy but really add to the look of the room.
Some not so hidden Mickeys...

Coronado Springs doubles as a convention center space so it really can be quite expansive.
You will be doing some walking for sure in this resort. Some will find this as a negative but I don't really mind it.
Here you get a sense of the size of Coronado Springs Resort

The resort spans around a large man-made lake that stretches beyond the width captured in the photo. The weather looked ominous at this point but the rain never came down and the weekend weather turned out to be quite nice.

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