ESPN The Weekend 2011: Part 2

We began Part 1 of our journey at ESPN the Weekend at 4:30AM Friday and by noon we have already enjoyed ESPN’s Mike & Mike in the Morning, The Herd With Colin Cowherd and checked-in to Disney’s Coronado Springs.  In Part 2 we continue our tour of the hotel and grab a quick bite to eat before heading over for a stroll through Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  It’s a jam-packed weekend of events at Disney’s ESPN the Weekend and Part 1 of this series was just a teaser.  So I invite you to tag along for Part 2 because it’s going to be a whole lot of fun.

We stop by the Pepper Market for lunch...

Chicken Quesadillas anyone? They didn't photograph well and to be honest, they weren't all that great.
On the other hand these nachos weren't bad...though they didn't photograph well either.
Pepper Market is not a traditional sit-down-restaurant...
Your waiter will only bring drinks...everything else you will have to go order for yourself at different food stations.
Rix lounge provides a very nice spot to unwind for those working the conventions or coming back from a long day at the Magic Kingdom.
The lounge is very ornate...
The decor is really nice for a lounge at Disney and anywhere really.

The bar is empty now but actually has a somewhat decent scene for a bar that is tucked away in a hotel inside Disney.
This blurry image gives you a sense of the size of the place. It's not gigantic but its got a nicely proportioned dance floor and of course plenty of plush seating elements.
Next door Cafe Rix uses the same name but is just the self-service food for Disney's Coronado Springs.
Circle Vision

As you can tell I couldn't decide which one I liked the most.

An incredible vista nearing our room.
The scale of this hotel is impressive but at times does remind me of a college campus.
An Aztec College Campus 😉
Very nice quiet pool by our room but stay tuned for a picture of the main pool.
to Disney's Hollywood Studios

Make sure to stop by the ESPN Info Booth for your event guide.
As we walk in...
Disney's Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun! parade is a cheap disaster...
Sorry Disney but this parade is so cheap looking that it looks like it came from Universal Studios.
This parade has cutbacks written all over it.
Luckily there are rumors Disney may be tweaking the parade after an onslaught of negative press on the internet. I can see why.
If you haven't visited Disney's Hollywood Studios in a while, then here is the most important tip...
Make sure you head over to Pixar Studios and grab a fast-pass for Toy Story Mania first thing in the morning...or else...
Or else be prepared to wait in a grueling 70 to 90 minute wait. The ride is great but a lot better if you don't have to wait in line for over an hour. Trust me.
Who says Disney doesn't condone violence? You might recall Sid in Toy Story tortures his toys and some poor unlucky ones even got strapped to Fireworks...
The infamous and replacement necessary Backlot Tour...
Movie Posters adorn DHS...Pirates...can't wait!

Duffy the Bear doing his best Woody impersonation but my best guess is that these are not selling to Disney expecations...but of course that is just a guess.

Passing Lights Motors Action on our way to get in line for ESPN's Inside the Huddle

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