Destination D [Live!]

This weekend, the Walt Disney World Resort and D23 are putting on a show! They will be celebrating Disney World’s 40th birthday with a special two-day event and Da Mouse will be there live to bring you all the latest news, photos and videos from this Destination D event. Destination D is sure to include a mix of history and legacy as well as surprises that may shed light on the future of the Walt Disney Resort.

To learn more about this magical event click here.

We are Live!

Make sure to click refresh as the updates should begin pouring in throughout the two-day event.

8:06AM Almost there! I’m on good ‘ol Osceola Parkway…stay tuned.



9:26AM Just got our seats…it’s 3/4 filled at this point.

9:31AM Welcome video has begun…


9:35 D23 history lap on screen right now…


9:41 Steven Clark…head of D23 is on stage.

9:42AM People from 5 countries and 42 US States represented at Destination D today…20% at Pop Century 20% staying at the Contemporary


9:52AM Discussing upcoming events D23 Expo and Rockateer

9:53 Announced Cars 2 events coming to a city near you…

9:56AM Debbie Danne Brown takes the stage…

10:02AM knew that Disney World would be “better than a fair” …that got quite a few chuckles.

10:05AM “40 years later my dreams are still coming true”



10:09AM Becky Cline takes the stage for Weird Disney

10:13AM Story about the promotion for Pinocchio that used midgets who later got drunk and played strip poker while on the job!



10:32 Eisner mention gets quite a few boos

10:35 bring back horizons and food rocks gets cheers…ahhh it’s D23 alright!

10:42 watching horrible I mean “weird” Disney moments…including the pepto pink cake for the 25th anniversary

10:46 Watching Barbie’s show…retro footage is the best.




11:09 Weird Disney is out but Disney legend Dave Smith is out.




11:21AM 55 miles of levees and canals at Disney World

11:23AM 9,000 construction workers…

11:29 330,000 leaves on Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse


11:42 The Contemporary Resort rooms were all prefab & then installed complete into the steel structure of the hotel.


We are out for a lunch break at 12:15PM but don’t worry we will see ya real soon at 2:15PM for “Epcot: Walt Disney’s Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow


As you can see the line has formed…Fantasia Ballroom opens in 10mins.


As you can see we have much better seats for the next portion of D23…we should be underway in just a little over 15 mins…


2:18PM Paul F. Anderson and Steven Vagnini are on stage to talk about EPCOT!




2:31PM Marty Skylar said EPCOT “should be called Waltopia”

2:33PM Talking about Walt & Technology and how they always went hand in hand throughout the years and eventually until the creation of EPCOT.



2:44PM Walt loved World’s Fairs because of the dreams and creativity.

2:49AM Victor Gruen’s Urban Planning heavily influenced Walt Disney as he continued to become a self-taught Urban planner.


2:55PM After Walt’s passing EPCOT’s future was cloudy…



3:18PM EPCOT as Walt’s Vision influenced many things around Walt Disney World including The Contemporary Resort and Utilidors.



3:40PM Rob Klein & Tom O’Day have taken the stage to talk about Disney on Television.




4:25 Wish I could share these videos with you but Disney has prohibited guests from Filming the Event. Some of them have simply been incredible. Watching the endless Marching Band on MK’s opening ceremony and the “Yes We Can” promotional video talking about being able to finish EPCOT in time was absolutely hilarious.


5:10 Tony Baxter has taken the stage…they have requested for no photos or videos to be taken of this presentation so I will do my best to describe the images for you.

5:13 Showing 1969 development plans that showed hotels inside what would become the 7 Seas Lagoon

5:14PM Looking now at a 1967 sketches of Main Street USA

6:12PM Sorry folks made a risky decision to preview Star Tours! Full report soon and tons of D23 tomorrow.

7:53PM Star Tours: The Adventures Continue was stunning, fun and just awesome! Full report soon but now we are back for Destination D for Walt Disney World on Film…Enjoy.

8:07PM Restricted once more (can’t photograph or videotape this session) but I will do my best play-by-play…Tony Baxter is back for this session and he is currently describing The rare footage we are about to be treated to.

8:15PM Watching a video that shows resorts lining the 7 Seas Lagoon that were never built. A Persian themed hotel, a Thai-styled resort…and so much incredible Disney that never was.

8:26PM Did you know that Walt Disney World is two times the size of Mahattan?!

8:33 Switching to second film, “Destination Florida”

8:54PM not much to report…video is kinda repeating many of the same things we have been mentioning and seeing all day today.


Going to wrap this night up just a little early. Need to recharge the batteries for another long and extremely magical day tomorrow. Will have so much more from Day 2 of Destination D…so make sure to check back bright and early as we go live once more.

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