Sometimes Disney Is Just Plain Weird

This weekend’s D23 Event, Destination D at the Walt Disney World’s Contemporary Resort was nothing short of awesome for those who love everything Disney. At this event one of the first sessions reminded all of us that while Disney World is often a place of magical perfection, there are those other moments where Disney is…well…weird! You will see what I mean after the break.

Didn't know about Disney's weird side? Well don't worry Becky Cline and Paul F. Anderson are about to fill you in on Disney oddities.
Well how about we get things started with Mickey & Minnie Caged by two wonderfully horrible catlike creatures.
Minnie Half Human Half Mouse...all scary.
Meet the Mickey Monster scaring children in a city near you. Yes, this is real.
So you need to promote Pinocchio do you? Well that's easy just hire some midgets...what could be better than that?
Oh that's right! Midgets who get drunk while on the job and play strip poker giving us D23'ers some hilarious Disney history.
Walt in the Paper with the wrong headline: Hope for the Hairless anyone?
Risque for Disney?
Well somebody thought so...and requested a sweater.
To which the Disney Artist Responded with...
Clearly there was no creepy control in Disneyland back in the day.
White Rabbits...For When Creepy Mice are not enough. Check out the lack of finishing on the costume. You can see the person's hair!

Frontierland Fishin'
Nothing Like a Floating Outhouse!
This makes perfect sense...Chipmunks in tiny Herbies.

World Showcase Giants...
World Showcase Giants family photo.
Why not?
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles..." Ooops...was I singing?
Ernest, again and again and still again.
Robot Love
ahhh the wonder that is Disney Cast Member Costumes
The costumes are very hit or can be the judge on these...
On top of the World...
Astuter Computer Revue was a short-lived attraction and with good reason.

The Wonderful World of Welch's was promoted during Disney World's opening. It included recipes using Grape Jelly!!!
Grape Jelly Drinks Anyone? Anyone?

Well that was weird indeed wasn’t it? Well I hope you enjoyed this different take on Disney straight from this weekend’s Destination D event.  Stay tuned for more coverage from this weekend’s Destination D and if you haven’t already, make sure to check out the live coverage from this past weekend from both:

Day 1 – D23’s Destination D


Day 2 – D23’s Destination D

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