Beauty & the Beast Construction Update

This past weekend was defined by the opening of Star Wars Weekends and Star Tours: The Adventures continue.  But it is hard to forget that just around the corner looms the most incredible expansion to Fantasyland in its history.  So in between all the crazy fun of Star Wars Weekends we found some time to grab an update on the construction work going on in the Magic Kingdom.  We’ve already taken a look today at the Little Mermaid’s and Storybook Circus’ construction, now check past the break for a look at some of the work on the Beauty & the Beast area of the expansion.

Rock work spreading quickly...
Belle's Cottage

A step back for some perspective...though I fully expect the scale of it all to look better once complete.

Detail in the rock-work beginning to show...

Model of Be Our Guest Restaurant Entrance as seen at Destination D

Maurice's latest invention...

Front View of Beast's Castle which just happens to line up perfectly for construction photos...I'm sure Disney had nothing to do with this 😉

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