Disney Fun From A Galaxy Far Far Away

For repeat visitors to the Walt Disney World Resort, finding new things to do is a fun challenge that often times brings unimagined rewards.  Yet most often the latter hunt is quite elusive and not as obvious as attending one of Disney’s major yearly events.  But in this case that was to be true as I had never been to Star Wars Weekends before.  That makes this story and trip report all the more exciting and riveting because whether this event is new or familiar to you, when you see it through my eyes it will be fresh again with that excitement you have when you first walk into Disney Parks and feel that rush of magic that can not be explained, only felt.  Star Wars Weekend’s Opening Weekend was out of this world incredible and now is your chance to live it for yourself.

I have never considered myself a Star Wars geek nor was I but after seeing this Stormtrooper above the entrance to one of my favorite Disney Parks, I couldn't stop running side to side in order to get a better look.
I mean the Stormtroopers look impressive with that picturesque, Walt Disney World patented sky blue behind them.
The Death Star greets you at the information booth but it's already 8AM and we have to hurry to get a position to see the incredible events that await us.
But before we sprint...just got to get one more look back. Stormtroopers are too cool!
Wow it's the ESPN the Weekend Stage on Star Wars Steroids...I likes. My first thought was, "those are firework cannons on the sides." 🙂
Looks like we got a party!
Star Wars Weekends Opening Crawl on the screen...goosebumps!
...I have a very good feeling about this.
The parade to the stage has begun. (Notice the media staged on the left. Nothing like a Disney press event!)
Everybody Wave...
Star Wars Characters making their way onto the stage...

Our host is out and she is talking about the splendid day we have before us...the reopening of Star Tours.
It's C-3PO!!!!!
AND R2-D2! Who doesn't love these two?
Ok...now we should be ready to open Star Tours...right?
Especially now that we have Anthony Daniels on stage!
Daniels is the voice of our friend C-3PO.
Darth Vader is out and he is bent on destroying our hopes of opening Star Tours!
Oh...great and he has placed an energy field over Star Tours! Well folks I guess better luck next time...seems the dark side has won this battle.
Standing Guard
Woah! Two cloaked Jedi have appeared near Star Tours and are taking on Stormtroopers and nearing our position...
The battle rages on throughout the park...(here are at Tatooine Traders)
Stormtrooper takes aim at Jedi near Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater.

This fight is getting a little too close for comfort!
The Jedi have battled their way onto the stage...
Looks like Vader is in some mighty trouble now. These aren't your average Jedi. No, no...more like President & CEO of the Walt Disney Company Bob Iger and creator of the Star Wars Saga George Lucas.
Bob Iger signals for R2-D2 to blast away Lord Vader's energy shield.
The crowd gets into a T-10 count as the cannon is prepped for launch!
Aha! I knew that tower would launch fireworks...I mean...an ion blast...yeah that's it.
A huge explosion arises over by Star Tours. Presumably the blast took down the energy shield.
In all seriousness, just for a split second I promise, this blast was an exclamation point on an incredible press event and grand opening for Star Tours especially because it personifies the incredible power of Disney storytelling.
This explosion's scale was just perfect and as believable as it was unexpected.
The good guys are winning...but Vader vows to fight on towards the Anaheim sector. (Great Line)

Star Wars Celebrities take the stage...as Yoda tells us, "Begin your Star Tours adventure, you must."
Another look at the Press Box...
Looking on...
And now the march towards Star Tours! Stay Tuned for Part 2 of this trip report!