Disney Fun From A Galaxy Far Far Away [Part 2]

After an incredible press event and grand opening ceremony for Star Tours it is time to follow Bob Iger and George Lucas as they lead a march of the rebel alliance towards Star Tours: The Adventures Continue.

He means business...
White Hot
American Idol LCD put to good use...


Cameras capture the march towards the newly reopened Star Tours...
Princess Leia attacked by the Imperial Paparazzi

Um...yeah...this line is going to be...crazy!
Jaw drop time...
The excitement and anticipation are at an all time high at this point!
Wait-Time was increasing 10mins every second...it was nuts.
Star Tours Banner along with new grey paint scheme...
The media again perfectly positioned to capture the rush...

Luckily I have a Fast Pass in my possession...
The line continues for days...

Line extends beyond Tatooine Traders!
Actually the line extends deep into the Streets of America!!!!
100 minutes and counting...
Star Wars Weekends Banners
Chewbacca & Han Solo
Star Wars Weekends 2011 t-shirt
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Star Tours Caps

Did I mention this was a press event? 🙂 Everyone turned out for the opening of Star Tours: The Adventures Continue

Tower of Terror looks good as new after receiving fresh paint. The burn marks had really taken a beating under the Florida sun, glad to see them restored properly.
Jabba's Merchandise Hut with Rock-n-Roller Coaster looming in the background.
Everything has a line on Opening Day!
Donald & Star Wars were clearly made for each other.
Sweet character photo-ops within Jabba's Hut...

This photo doesn't do this limited edition piece justice!
Stitch Yoda! Maybe he can save Stitch's Great Escape in the Magic Kingdom!

Make sure to stick around for Part 3 of this Trip Report!

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