Enchanted Tiki Room

As reported live by Da Mouse from D23’s Destination D event, the Enchanted Tiki Room is set to make its glorious return to a presentation that closely resembles the original show.  As Walt Disney World celebrates its 40th birthday this “plussed-restoration” opening later this summer will be a splendid tribute for the park but also for Walt Disney the man, who forever pushed the technologies behind storytelling forward.  We stopped by the attraction last week for a quick look, click past the break for a couple of images of the Enchanted Tiki Room…

The Enchanted Tiki Room will soon be back under original management or so we hope...
Walt Disney Imagineering has done a great job lately "plussing" attractions...wonder what we might see added here?
It strikes me as a little odd that Disney is not even hinting at the "new" attraction coming soon. Perhaps since it won't be a large departure from the original version Disney feels it needs to lower expectations. I sincerely hope that is not the case. While The Enchanted Tiki Room won't likely set off attendance records any time soon, an homage to the original would be a welcome sight for many visitors of the Magic Kingdom.

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