Star Tours Attraction Hub Is Now Live!

It is an exciting day at Da Mouse.  Today, we share with you the working prototype for our new Attraction Hubs.  Da Mouse’s Attraction Hubs will allow you to always have the latest information on your favorite attractions at the Walt Disney World Resort.

We begin with one amazing attraction as we announce that the Star Tours Attraction Hub Is Now Live!  The Attraction Hubs will serve as a continuously updated portal of content and the Star Tours Attraction Hub features a Ride Teaser, a full Review, a 360 Panorama, a 60-Photo Walkthrough and links to Latest News & Updates related to the attraction.

This is only the first Hub and soon every attraction from Splash Mountain to Expedition Everest will have its own, so stay tuned as we continually announce the opening of new hubs throughout the summer.  Even as we launch our first Hub we already have ideas on future features that may come to these Hubs.  Still, these content portals exist for you and so we’d love your feedback.  So make sure to leave comments here or on twitter @DaMouseNews on anything you’d like to see in future iterations.  We hope you enjoy.

Star Tours Attraction Hub