Walt Disney World On Television

Walt Disney World is an incredible place of dreams, magic and fairy tales.  Since it is so, it requires one to often use a superfluous amount of words in order to try to describe the uniqueness of it all.  But on this wonderful journey back into Walt Disney World’s history on television, as seen at D23’s Destination D event at Walt Disney World’s Contemporary Resort, there is little need for words since these videos speak for themselves.  Looking back at it now from our perspective they provide laughter through antics that are purely 70’s, purely 80’s and even then purely 90’s (you’ll see what I mean).  These videos feature Bob Hope, a young Drew Barrymore, Dreamfinder, Balloon Drops & Marching Pops all sharing with us the story of Disney.  It is a sight to see and its waiting for you right after the break.

Round of golf anyone?
Make sure to look at Bob Hope as he takes the first steps out of the Monorail and jumps back at the sight of the enormity of the Contemporary Resort. The comedy skit was shot live and he had flown in and had never actually been inside until that very moment. Clearly it was like nothing else for him too.
The Endless Marching Band
The Original UP!
Well they don't build themselves...yet.

If you thought the Magic Kingdom Grand Opening Ceremony was something, don't worry Epcot's doesn't disappoint. It's hilarious.

“We Can Do It”

Dreamfinder, Figment & Drew Barrymore

More Dreamfinder & Figment?

If you thought the 90's were cool...think again!