All About Disney D-Tales

Walt Disney Imagineers are known for their incredible attention to detail and the Walt Disney World Resort stands as the prime example of their incredible work.  At D23’s Destination D event at the Walt Disney World’s Contemporary Resort, Disney Imagineers took us on an incredible journey through the creative process and subsequent results of some of their most amazing work in the Disney D-Tales session.  So if ya want to see what it’s like to think like an imagineer, click past the break.

Disney D-Tales: The Little Things That Tell The Big Stories indeed.
Disney Legend Joe Grant
Imagineers at work...
Joe's secret to storytelling...
Basic Breakdown

Nothing like the hairy leg gag...
Looking at the bat railings from the Haunted Mansion Queue
Mr. Toad references in Winnie the Pooh, Haunted Mansion Graveyard, & in a letter inside Town Square Theater...
Imagineers spoke of the challenge to create themed copy that also must give important instruction to park guests.

These scrims hide large speakers in Epcot...
Some of the design for these scrims stems from on Imagineers interest in the shape of stairs found at the PeopleMover.
Crazy huh?
Crates around the theme parks have coded messages hidden on them. The numbers tend to be important dates so be on the lookout for these next time you are in the park.
The World Showcase is the most heavily themed area in all of Walt Disney World...
This splendid Epcot train system is attended to quite frequently in order to maintain the perfect scale even at its minute level.
On the other hand the American Adventure Pavilion is actually designed to appear smaller than the massive building actually is. This building is much taller than the three stories it pretends to be in order to fit in with the buildings of the era.
This is an archway inside the Pirates League in the Magic Kingdom. What is unique and practical about this design is that the Imagineers didn't want to extend the archway and lose the look of the period archway but had to make it wider to meet building codes and so they devised a story and created "a canon-ball blasted wall" that served the pirate story and extended the archway without making it look out of proportion. Ingenious really.
Disney Imagineers clearly had a thing for Wall Carpet.
Look for this game of chess inside Pirates of the Caribbean...
You will find to skeletons in a stalemated game of Chess!
Hungry, Why Wait?
Mickey's new location in Town Square Theater is loaded with Imagineering Touches. I will post a photo report on this soon!
And finally a cute drawing from one of the Imagineers when he was just a little boy. Awww!