Disney Fun From A Galaxy Far Far Away [Part 3]

After an incredible press event and grand opening ceremony for Star Tours we followed Bob Iger and George Lucas as they lead a march of the rebel alliance towards the newly re-imagined attraction.  Now the adventures continue in Part 3 of this series as we step inside and book our flight on a Starspeeder 1000.  

Told ya the adventures continue 😉

Jedi in Training
Wait time not that bad at this point in the afternoon...
...but we have FASTPASS!

Love the new Star Tours banner.


My name is Trooper...Storm Trooper.

New HD screens before we board our Starspeeder
Cool Blue
Door/Row Numbers
Aly San San provides the much improved safety spiel...
Boarding Gates
Destination signs as we exit an incredible adventure on Star Tours...

Tatooine Traders is filled to capacity.

The force is strong with Jedi Mickey!

Nice overview of Tatooine Traders
Vader is on patrol...

Darth Vader Dark Side Chocolate Cupcake. Vader has never looked so good.
Hollywood Studios needs a few more dining options but Backlot Express has become my favorite quick service option.

The back side of Pixar Place...
Toy Story Mania
Woody & Buzz!
I'm not a big Pooh fan but this is awesome!
A quick look inside One Man's Dream reveals Lion King on Broadway...
twenty-three Tron magazine cover
Just amazing. Mickey paints a smile on the world.
The new facade for Disney Junior Live on Stage.
Alright folks time for Hyperspace Hoopla. You don't want to miss the next update!

Stay Tuned for Part 4 of this series with photos of Star Wars Weekend’s Hyperspace Hoopla!