A Closer Look At Disney’s Storybook Circus

Rendering Via Disney Parks Blog

The Fantasyland Expansion is going to inject some much-needed new life into the Magic Kingdom.  Still there is no doubt the Storybook Circus mini-land will not be the star of the expansion when compared to the other new additions that will be opening in 2012.  What it will be is a very popular area for the little ones in your group and it seems there will be enough Disney details to keep everyone else entertained as well.

Storybook Circus draws its inspiration from Disney’s animated film, “Dumbo.”  Indeed the main attraction of this mini-land will be Dumbo the Flying Elephant, the ride you’ve always known and loved except “double” and completely refreshed.  With twice the Dumbo, Disney hopes to cut down on the severe wait times that younger guests had to endure to ride one of their favorite attractions.  Another sure-to-be-great addition will be under Dumbo’s big top “tent.”  Inside guests will reserve their ride on Dumbo and not have to wait in a traditional queue but rather get to enjoy “interactive elements” inside the big top and then return when summoned to enjoy your whimsical flight with Dumbo.

But how did a circus end up in Magic Kingdom you say?  Well via train of course.  And not just any train but rather Casey Jr. himself.  Casey Jr. will welcome younger guests to splish and splash alongside circus animals creating a wonderful water play area.

We also mustn’t forget the debut of The Great Goofini, as he takes off in a stunt plane adventure that provides a refreshed theme for the Barnstormer roller coaster.

Storybook Circus may seem like a sideshow relative to the rest of the Fantasyland expansion but in the end it will prove to be much more than that.  But you shall see that with your own eyes when you see an elephant fly.