Fantasyland Construction July

New Fantasyland Construction is progressing at a rapid pace and we have a couple of incredible shots to share with you thanks to a submission from a friend of the site, Stephanie Diaz-Perez.  Many thanks to Stephanie and if you’d like to share some construction photos or anything else with others on this site feel free to email me at  Now on to the update!

Your eyes may begin to deceive you as the forced perspective begins to kick in with the installation of the beautiful rock-work that will play a major role in the New Fantasyland.
The Little Mermaid's Towers with their wooden frames are now covered as work continues at a steady pace. The rock-work is beginning to show detail much as we see towards the Beauty & the Beast Side. Another stand out from this image is the empty slot of land between the camera and The Little Mermaid attraction that will soon see the construction of the Snow White and Seven Dwarfs Mine Coaster.
Here is a nice overview shot of the Beauty & The Beast side of the construction. You get a grand look at Belle's Cottage, the castle and even Belle's Village off in the distance that shall include Gaston's Tavern.

As construction continues I’m reminded of how sorely lacking the Magic Kingdom is for an injection of new life into the park we all know and love and many of us have been fortunate enough to grow up with.  This Fantasyland Construction alone may not provide all of the spark I feel is necessary for the Magic Kingdom but it is clearly shaping into something special nonetheless.  It will feel magical when stepping beyond the outer castle walls to look upon a seemingly expansive area containing some of our favorite Disney stories amongst castles, mountains and yes even trees (something sorely lacking in Fantasyland at the moment).  The mine coaster will add a kinetic flow and sound to the area that should really liven it up as well.  It is tough not to overbuild expectations whenever Disney constructs an attraction let alone expands a park at this scale but with this construction I’ve always known what we are getting.  It is not over the top, it is not the next Splash Mountain but we are getting something that is essential to the Disney brand and parks, a family experience that will be hard to forget.  In fact when I think of Fantasyland in particular, it is synonymous with family and as the opening date approaches for New Fantasyland I find it is synonymous with “I can’t wait!”

How do you feel about New Fantasyland? Let us know in the comments…