2011 Disney Legends Ceremony Live!

Today the countdown to Disney’s D23 Expo is complete and it is time to roll out the red carpet for what is an incredible itinerary of events. And none are more deserving of the red carpet and fanfare than those Disney Legends who will be officially named and honored for their contributions to Disney magic. This years recipients include Regis Philbin, Muppets creator Jim Henson and Jodi Benson the voice of Ariel from The Little Mermaid. It should be an incredible way to get this year’s D23 Expo started and Da Mouse is here to bring you Live! coverage of the ceremony.

Please make sure to stay tuned and hit the refresh button as the updates begin to roll in…

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Live Coverage Begins Friday August 19th at 11:00 a.m. -12:30 p.m. PDT

10:34 Hello and welcome folks! Sit back, relax, hit refresh and the updates will begin to roll in right up to our start in just under 30mins!


11:02 about to begin…arena 3/4 full…

11:15 CEO Iger is not in attendance…citing a long planned family vacation. Currently watching a pre-taped video of Iger.

11:21 Chairman Staggs on stage…video presentation of Disney Legends rolling…(Internet issues working on that…

11:27 Anika is being introduced…

11:31 The first American Princess




Walt Disney Princesses in the spotlight….Linda Larkin and Leia (voice of Aladdin & Mulan)

Paige…voice of Belle about to receive legendary status…

11:45 She just gave a humble thanks to every Disney fan in the audience for helping her with loss in her family by sending her cards and letters filled with words of love an hope.

Awesome moment…


Jodi Benson brought everyone at D23 to tears…her message is that her work her life’s work has been important special and a gift from God and everyone throughout the Walt Disney Company…it allowed her to Bring her life and share happiness with others. I will admit I still have some tears.

11:58 Voices of Disney princess singing all your favorites!

Standing ovations aplenty…crowd is understandably excited. This is special, once in a lifetime…and the other cliches 😉

12:06 Jodi Benson’s voice is magical in person…so fine and light…

12:13 A dream is a wish your heart makes, sing all of the new Disney Legend Princesses….photos soon…uploading them.

12:27 Zorro Guy Williams about to receive honors…

Family received his award and brought Williams’ sword and saluted us with it to honor his memory.

12:36 Pictures are getting stuck…will try switching to wifi before Parks and Resorts…have tons of photos though and will post as soon as possible. Thanks for hanging in there.

Regis is about to take stage…can’t wait to hear what he is going to say.

12:46PM PDT Regis Cracking jokes about being last to be honored…and having everyone use his acts including toasting with a sword as was done for Guy Williams.

Then on more serious note he mentioned the great turnout for D23 (tough to judge for me at this point) but he was making the larger point of the truly amazing Disney fans.

12:51 Jim Henson honors time…Kermit I know you are back there.

Lisa Henson talking about growing up in the Henson Household.

About to wrap up here folks…stay tuned for photos later. And of course the Parks and resorts conference later today…