The Lion King 3D Review

Throughout our lives, we have had Disney moments, that are awe-inspiring, unforgettable and simply magical.  Whether it is that first time you looked down Main Street U.S.A and saw Cinderella’s Castle in all its majesty or  sailed the oceans with your family on your first Disney cruise, there are moments we simply can not forget.  The Lion King, Walt Disney’s 32nd animated film, produced feelings much like the latter moments but in a degree all the more powerful.  This Disney moment would be king.  From the opening scene to the closing moments where the title card displays one last time, The Lion King took everyone’s breath away as if in unison across the globe.  To this day we all remember the film, its beauty, its voice, its story.  We remember where we were and together we all remember it as the transcendent Disney moment of this generation.  Today, nearly two decades later, the Walt Disney Studios is reintroducing The Lion King in a format that aims to ensure it roars back to life.  The question is, did they succeed?

As 3D technology continues to evolve not only in the realm of technology but also in the mind of the consumer, Disney has chosen to take upon the inherent risks and challenges of enhancing a classic while attempting to keep its wonder intact.  Luckily for fans of The Lion King as well as those who are set upon watching it for the first time, the last nine months of work have produced a version, through the use of tech that is even more gripping than the original.  Your favorite scenes, from the raising of Simba over Pride Rock to the final battle between Scar and Simba, all feel familiar yet refreshingly new.  The depth captured in the 3D film doesn’t destroy the essence of the traditional animation of the film but rather makes it pop.  The extra dimension adds character to the film as grass blades shudder in the wind, as Zazu soars onto the scene or even as rain pours over Pride Rock near the conclusion the of movie.  The Lion King was a sensational movie before it ever graced us in 3D but now that it has, audiences will find that their favorite characters feel more real, more alive and evermore connected to them.  On September 16th, The Lion King 3D will make its way to movie theaters for a limited 2-week engagement and the circle of life shall have added a new layer that will truly move us all.