The Cathedral of Magic: My First Trip to Disneyland Part 4

Welcome back! We continue our journey through Disney’s California Adventure and a service elevator in the Hollywood Tower Hotel is in our future.  So click past the break for another amazing chapter of this trip report.  And for those of you just joining us make sure to see Part 1Part 2 and Part 3.

This area has the potential to be cool but I feel it needs serious plussing...
The food options did look good I must admit...
Welcome to Carsland...or soon to be.
Mater & Lightning McQueen
It's a buggy-bug world out there...
It's Tough to Be a Bug! minus the Tree of Life...

Candy Corn anyone?
Lookin' back at Grizzly Peak...
Seems like we've been shrunk...
Really, really shrunk.
Perhaps I'm just too used to Disney's Hollywood Studios but this just doesn't seem right to me. Tower doesn't look impressive with those ill-proportioned leaves in its way and the tower in my opinion kills the forced perspective of this "shrunken" bug's land.
When not thrown off by The Tower there are parts of the land that do look beautiful.
This half-eaten watermelon can only mean one thing...
Heimlich is just around the corner.

This looks pretty cool...
Flik's Flyers...a pretty well themed carnival ride. I fully understand the need for attractions for the younger guests of Disney Parks but this land feels like its missing something. Nothing feels impressive, or wow in the way all Disney attractions should.
Casey Jr. Cookies...
Doesn't feel right but I still can't wait to ride!
Flik's Flyers take to the skies.
Tower Time: 20 Mins 'til
In almost every way Tower of Terror is better at Disney's Hollywood Studios BUT there are some very nice details that make this Tower special in its own right.
For example, I can't get over how amazing this entry looks. Love the color palette of the glass.

Extended Queue
Stepping inside Hollywood Tower Hotel...

Very Striking View...
Tower of Terror Bellhop

Is there anything better than being inside the Tower of Terror Library knowing that your about to star in tonight's episode of the Twilight Zone?!
As I mentioned, some things about DCA's version of Tower of Terror are amazing and the Boiler Room is spectacular.
The lighting finally sets the eerie mood we have come to know and love from the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

It is perfect really...
I've got chills...
...the lighting flickers on and off...
...the whole place just comes alive...
The ride was great! Sure I still like the version in DHS better but this one is still loads of fun and has some unique effects that add to the overall experience. Only one question? Can we ride again?
Tower of Terror will always look impressive but this is nowhere near as amazing as Hollywood Blvd, still I think some improvements like removing these large poles could help with the perspective and really make the Tower of Terror look larger than life as it should.
Not exactly a hidden Mickey but every bit as cool!
Hyperion Theater...we will be back but it is lunch time and Downtown Disney is literally only feet away.
One last look at Tower! You see the track on the floor? Get excited people! That track is for the trolley that will be serving stops from the park entrance all the way to this infamous hotel.
This area will be receiving a major facade facelift much like the park's entrance to give it a better sense of place.
The ever popular ElecTRONica!
Lunch is going to have to wait because I just remembered that tucked away in this area of the park is Monsters, Inc. (Now I know I sound overly critical but I can't go without mentioning the sad state of this "Monster Door Wall." It doesn't show up in this picture due to some iPhoto saturation but this was crying out for paint everywhere, I hope Disney fixes this bad show soon.)
Love the look of the Disneyland Monorail.

Wow this is special, too bad its tucked away and hidden the way it is.
Disney Trash cans are the best...this one is pretty plain but still nice.
The theming in the queue is ok...

Looking into the Monster Taxi Boarding Area...
Ride vehicle and hidden reflection of yours truly...
This looks fun....

Monsters Transit Authority
Boo where are you?
Mike is such a snake charmer!
Sulley found Boo!

Feel free to add your own caption to this one in the comments 😉

Oh no! Randall is up to no good.

Oh great...Roz!

Monster's Inc. is a pretty fun little dark ride that I enjoyed and hope to ride again soon. The Door Scene is neat and the Randall & Roz animatronics add a ton of character to the ride.
And we are back out towards the Carthay Circle Theater Construction Site.

Correction Minnie, had the Golden Gate Bridge 😉

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