Disney in September: Part 2

Our trip to Walt Disney World continues right where we left off as we take a look at all the construction that is taking place for the upcoming New Fantasyland.  Then we stroll through Tomorrowland, take a ride on the TTA Peoplemover and more on this latest Da Mouse trip report.  As always, enjoy.

Castle Wall in the making...
Fantasyland is really looking beautiful after so many refurbishments...
Dumbo is a classic but I can't wait to see how it looks within Storybook Circus...
...though I will miss this traditional MK view.

Little Mermaid Construction is pretty far along. You can see the painted rock-work and Prince Eric's castle shaping up quite nicely.
Another view I will miss...
Beast's Castle has now received its rock-work and Belle's Cottage slowly paces forward.

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Storybook Circus is rising quickly and if you look closely you can spot the new train station building.

Your pal Stitch...
Chip & Dale too!

The TTA Peoplemover is still one of my favorite attractions at MK.
Love how this roof almost points towards Space Mountain!
The Peoplemover gives you some fantastic sights...
Mickey Star Traders from above...
Trees from the future 🙂
Cars from the future...ehhh not so much.

Is there anything better than a Peoplemover fly-by? (Yeah this doesn't really count)
I can't be the only one who thinks this is cool!

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Does that even count as a hidden mickey?
You don't want to mess with this Mickey!

Stay Tuned for Part 3 of this Trip Report!