New Fantasyland & Storybook Circus 60-Photo Update

I know what you are thinking? Why? Why do we need another amazing set of New Fantasyland construction photos when we got spoiled just a couple of weeks ago with an amazing photo update.  Why ride Dumbo, the Peoplemover and the Walt Disney Railroad just to capture some incredible snapshots of Disney construction time? Well my friends, I must humbly and simply respond, why not?  So I invite you on this day of celebration where Walt Disney World turns 40 to celebrate its future with this latest update of New Fantasyland. Make sure to click on any photo to see a high-resolution version! Oh and don’t forget to leave your comments on the photos, the construction and your thoughts on New Fantasyland.

What can I say? More mountains, more castles, more steel, more New Fantasyland!
Never been so excited about a wall in my life!
But this isn't your average wall...
Rockwork is painted near Pinocchio...
Great overview of all that is new over at the Beauty & the Beast side of New Fantasyland.
Some Florida Super Cement should do the trick!
Tons of new rock formations making Beast's Castle really have a sense of place and weight.

Big Crane, Tiny Castle
Check this finished rock-work. Don't miss this photo!
Here you can see the walkway/bridge to Belle's Cottage...
Belle's Cottage construction really seems to be picking up steam now...
Rocks Rock!
Rocks & More Rocks
From Castle Wall to Castle Wall...
Gaston's Tavern taking shape...
Prince Eric's Castle Bridge
Belle's Village & The Little Mermaid's Queue rock-work have grown quite substantially in just the past two weeks.

Little Mermaid/Storybook Circus Gap Rock Construction
No offense DCA but we are getting the much cooler building.

The interactive queue area for Dueling Dumbo seems quite large.

Train Station in the distance...

Storybook Circus, I see you!

Guess where you will be stoppin' by in 2012?
One last piece...

The Great Goof

Dueling Dumbos' big top getting its tent.
Memories of a not too distant past...Mickey's Toontown Fair.
Tons of new wood on the former Barnstormer Attraction.
Lots of work left to be done for sure.
This side view of the train station shows off considerable progress since I last saw it.