The Epcot Food & Wine Festival 2011 Experience: Part 2

If you love food and wine, experiencing new cultures or just having Simple Disney Fun, then you are in the right place (unless you missed Part 1 😉  ).  Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival is a yearly extravaganza of cuisine and the experience is a memorable one not only for your taste buds but for all your senses.  There is a feeling of electricity in the air every year at this festival in Epcot.  It stems from great people, coming to enjoy themselves in what is truly a one of a kind Disney experience.  So join us for an adventure in food that we promise you won’t soon forget.

No matter how many times you see Spaceship Earth it is always impressive.
Fountain of Nations
Time for a little taste from Greece...


Truly Magnificent!
Shimmer of sun over a beautiful Greek Menu.
Chicken Souvlaki With Tzatziki...this was just alright. I mean I love Greek food but this just was too simple in complexity but more importantly in flavor.
Luckily this was great! Cheese pairs with buttery pistachios and honey, who knew! I immediately know this is on my list of things I can easily make back home! Yeah I'm excited 🙂
Normally this is my first Food & Wine Stop but this year it will have to wait 'til Sip & Stroll (more on that later).
The crowds at Food & Wine Festival really add life and energy to an already vibrant World Showcase.
Our first two afternoon/nights at the Food & Wine festival were quick hits because we had so many things planned in and around MK's 40th Celebration. So we quickly pace over for some French Cuisine at the request of my mother who adores le France.
Very cool when the pavilions have servers dressing the part...
Coq au Vin (that thing on the left) I said to my mom when I saw her plate, "If you like food with presentation, that ain't it." It doesn't taste too good either. It is not horrible, just not something I'd order, ever. My mom on the other hand loved it, so what do I know. Well actually I know this, while it is not the best Creme Brûlée I've ever had, it was very solid and a good portion. I'd recommend it along with your order of Persillade en Brioche Escargots. That and the glass of Merlot which was quite enjoyable.
Marie living it up in Paris...
Time to go boating...
Love the look of the Belgium booth...
It has a nice patio set up in order to sit down and enjoy our delicious treats. But make no mistake about it, there is nowhere near enough seating nor tables. Disney seriously needs to work on this because the dedicated areas are fantastic, we just need more.

aaah Portugal!
I know what I'm ordering 🙂
Disney's description: Linguica is a Portuguese pork sausage that’s cured and seasoned with garlic and paprika. Served with sautéed onions, peppers and olives.
My Review: This was very, very good. The sausage, onions and olives together have a nice mild spicy kick which adds ton of flavor. The bread is merely there for presentation but it doesn't matter. You need to try this.
Looks like a turtle...
Welcome to Morocco!

One of the best things about the Food & Wine Festival, is that you get this exciting experience without having to sacrifice any of the Epcot/Disney Magic you know and love.
Make sure to pick up one of these Food & Wine Festival Gift Cards. They are very convenient. You just fill them up with the amount you want and then wear it around your wrist. No more having to take out your wallet every single time you go to pay. It may seem like a small thing but in practice it is worth picking one up. (Also make sure to keep your receipt, just in case you were to accidentally lose your card)

Another great thing about the Food & Wine Festival is that it is repeatable, even within the same year. For example I love Japanese cuisine but didn't have a chance to sample their food at the event. So along with a few other countries I missed on our weekend trip, there is a lot to look forward to on a return trip.

The very popular Hops & Barley Market...
Beer List
There are many great beers to sample on your journey around the showcase.
Pumpkin Mousse with Ocean Spray Craisins® and Orange Sauce alongside 16th Anniversary Festival Beer- Boston Ale. The Mousse is the best dessert we tried at the festival. It is small in size and price but don't let its stature fool you, it packs a major flavor punch. I'm not huge on desserts but I know I could have a million of these. It is well-balanced between bold flavor and smooth, sweet and delicious pumpkin mousse.
One of the benefits of the new camera is the ability to capture beautiful shots at night. Disney comes alive at night and in this case the glow of the sunset makes everything at Epcot feel heavenly.
I can't wait to capture Epcot in its many shades of color and bring it to you all here on Da Mouse!
Taking the last Friendship Cruise of the Night. (They stop running before the closing time of the park so that Disney can set up the Fireworks for Illuminations).
We are off to the Polynesian Resort Beach for a spectacular viewing of Hallowishes but this isn't goodbye. We'll be back tomorrow for almost a full day of culinary exploration.

This was only just a small taste from an amazing weekend-long experience from Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival.  Click Here for Part 3 of this series.