Disney Releases Dates For Dumbo’s Move To Storybook Circus, Big Thunder Mountain To Receive Lengthy Refurbishment

Walt Disney World’s official calendar has been updated with some very interesting refurbishment dates that are very telling in regards to the opening of at least part of Storybook Circus and the much-needed rehab of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  Storybook Circus, part of the New Fantasyland Expansion, is scheduled to open in phases beginning in early 2012. Disney has now posted firm dates on the closing and re-opening of Dumbo that all but telegraph the move.  According to the calendar (dates subject to change of course) Dumbo will officially close in its existing location on Monday the 9th of January.  As it stands now, Dumbo would re-open at its new location within Storybook Circus on Friday, February 17th.  

Dumbo the Flying Elephant will come to life  in a new way with two of its signature carousel-styled rides spinning side-by-side.  One of which will be the first clock-wise spinning version in the world and give the impression of Dumbo flying towards park guests as they walk towards the ride entrance.  The re-imagined Dumbo attraction also uses an interactive queue that will allow guests to reserve a ride, instead of waiting in a traditional line.  This will allow families to explore fun, interactive elements under an air-conditioned “big-top” until their turn to ride is called.  Follow the links for more on Storybook Circus & its construction progress.

Another major refurbishment listing shows that Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is scheduled to close Monday, January 9, 2012 and re-open on May 28, 2012.  For more on BTMR’s refurbishment make sure to visit Da Mouse’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad’s Attraction Hub!