The Epcot Food & Wine Festival 2011 Experience: Part 3

Food and wine and Disney, it doesn’t get much better than that! Part 1 and Part 2 of this Epcot Food & Wine Festival Experience have proven that.  But we are nowhere near complete savoring the atmosphere along with the decadent and lush treats inspired from global food favorites.  It is a one-of-a-kind feeling and I think this latest edition will definitely take you there to the festival and perhaps make your mouth water once or twice. So enough of my talking, time to feast!

Another perfect day filled with Disney sunshine...
EPCOT Center's Dedication
This picture doesn't quite captures it but it really is a brilliant view that this topiary centerpiece gives the entryway to the World Showcase with its American Pavilion-filled background.

La Brazil

mmm...Ropa Vieja, have to try that on my next trip though I know nobody can come close to my grandmother's version. Sorry but my abuelita is the Cuban cuisine queen.

When in doubt, get both and share with others in your group of course.
Mexican Shrimp Tacos, one of my favorite dishes at the Epcot Food & Wine Festival 2011. Tempura Shrimp in a traditional corn tortilla with a touch of spicy chipotle mayo.

 Click Here For Mexico’s Shrimp Tacos Video Recipe

Rib-eye steak served in a traditional corn tortilla. I liked the shrimp tacos better but this is still a worthy dish and it packs a hot and spicy punch.

Ok I'll confess the only other place I've tried Swedish Meatballs is at IKEA 🙂 but I must say these are in a league of their own. They are very rich and the Lingonberries and cream sauce make this good eats. As the afternoon gets underway the Carlsberg beer is just the pilsner to pair with the hearty meatballs. It is a well-balanced refreshing beer. And dessert you ask? Rice Pudding and berries, a traditional Scandinavian Christmas dish, was a nice way to round out this meal but nothing to write home about.

Click Here For China’s Pork Pot Stickers Video Recipe

Make sure to check out South Korea on your visit.

It's exciting to see all of the hard work that goes into making your meal happen.
On the left, Bulgogi BBQ Beef. Barbecued shortribs, served with steamed rice and tangy kimchi—a vinegar-based Korean slaw of cabbage, onions, carrots and spices. On the right, Lettuce Wraps with Roast Pork & Kimchi Slaw.
The Bulgogi BBQ Beef was sweet and tasty, the Kimchi is an acquired taste at least for me.
If you are looking for a flavor-packed-dish at the food and wine festival, this is it! What a satisfying dish. These lettuce wraps are great.
Beef & Shiraz, how could I go wrong?
A juicy seared filet of beef with smashed sweet potatoes & Broai Sauce—a sweet and spicy South African barbecue sauce.
This meal was as good as it looks. The filet was cooked to perfection and the sweet potatoes while not the best I've ever had compliment the beef very well.
Love the placement of booths in the German portion of the festival. You have the Brewer's Collection, the Cheese booth and the German booth all within a few feet of each other. They make up a neat "zone" within the festival and the seating area in the middle just makes for great atmosphere.

I could have eaten all of those...who doesn't love Cheese?!?
...before look for a table I have to decide on a beverage.

As I said before, when in doubt, get both. In this case both of the Brewer's Collection Bier Flights.
Artisanal cheeses: Thomasville Tomme from Sweet Grass Dairy, Delice de Bourgogne and PC Wyngaard Chevre Affineurs Goat Gouda.
Cheese Fondue with Sourdough Bread. Great on paper, probably the worst thing in execution at the Food & Wine Festival.

We are not done. On to Germany!

Cool shirt showing Epcot's Wine & Dine Half Marathon. Another amazing Disney event going on during this amazing 40th Anniversary Weekend.
On the left, Pretzel Roll. A bratwurst served in a soft roll made of pretzel dough. On the right, Apple Strudel Featuring Vanilla Sauce and Werther’s Original Karamel Sauce.
This is easily in the top 3 of most enjoyable dishes I had at the Food & Wine Festival. Both the dessert and the Roll are just simply must-eats.

This was only just a small taste  from an amazing weekend-long experience from Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival.  Click Here For Part 4 of this Series!

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