Journey Of The Little Mermaid’s Omnimover Loading Area Backdrop Makes A Public Appearance

Disney fans are fast approaching a period of Disney heaven and Da Mouse has the pictures to prove it.  From Shanghai Disneyland to Carsland at Disney’s California Adventure, the future features fun and excitement across the entire gamut of Disney Parks.  In many ways at the center of it all is the construction of New Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom.  And as the opening gets closer and closer, we aim to share the incredible feeling of new beginnings at the world’s favorite park. Today we share with you a set of photos of what by all appearances is soon to be the backdrop to the loading area for the Journey of the Little Mermaid’s clamshell vehicles at the Magic Kingdom.  So hurry on past the break and don’t forget to let us know what you think about the backdrop in the comments…

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