Big Changes Might Be Coming To Big Thunder Mountain

As we reported earlier, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is set to receive a lengthy refurbishment that is scheduled for Monday, January 9, 2012 with a reopening date of May 28, 2012.  When we spoke last about BTMR, the major question left to be answered is what the size and scope of this refurbishment would be, especially considering the length of time the attraction would be down for maintenance.  Now we might just have that answer.  Screamscape is reporting that Big Thunder will get a “major track refurbishment package, said to be similar in scope to what was done to Space Mountain last time around.”  Screamscape is also reporting that we may see some NextGen additions along with other “surprises” when the attraction opens for guests once again.  If all of this pans out it will be an exciting refresh to one of the most beloved Disney attractions.  Oh and as far as the track replace and refurb portion of this is concerned, Da Mouse has captured some fresh images of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad sans the wooden track planks that normally adorn the coaster’s path.  So join us after the break for some photos will ya and don’t forget to let us know what ya think about all of this in the comments.

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