Talking Mickey Arrives At Town Square Theater Just In Time For Halloween

Meeting Mickey Mouse is an experience one never forgets.  When we are young we are captivated by the smile of our favorite pal as he comes over to greet us, when we are older we look at Mickey in awe of everything he represents.  But if there is one thing that has alluded Mickey Mouse in our one-on-one interactions with him in the parks, it has been his voice.  Well that is now a thing of the past.  Today, the Official Disney Blog, has posted a video of our favorite mouse inside his relatively new home at the Magic Kingdom, Town Square Theater.  But what makes this all the more special is that he now moves his mouth, blinks and talks in an animated style that will change the way we experience Mickey in the parks forever.  With one small caveat of course.  This is a limited test and there is no official word of when this might become an official part of Mickey’s repertoire.  Let’s all hope this becomes a main stay of the Magic Kingdom and all the Disney Parks soon.