Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Begins Play-Testing

With all the commotion over by New Fantasyland it is easy to forget that another addition will soon be debuting at Walt Disney World. Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is set to arrive in early 2012 and a Disney Parks Blog post mentions that the ride has begun a round of play-testing.

A select group of Disney cast members are currently roaming the Magic Kingdom testing this “role-playing trading-card game” as they try to foil the plots of Disney villains who are trying to take over the park.  Soon you too will be able to fight on the side of good as you cast “different magical spell cards” and combat against such evil characters as Yzma, Kronk and other infamous villains.

The spells are activated with a simple flick of the wrist and can put the power of everything, “from fireballs to frantic frogs and cyclones” at your command, in order to defeat those who wish harm upon the Magic Kingdom.

Source: Disney Parks Blog