New Fantasyland Imagineer Chris Beatty Chat Recap

Yesterday, New Fantasyland Imagineer Chris Beatty took the time to answer some guest questions on the Disney Parks blog. Though very little in the way of “NEWS” was made in yesterday’s chat,  there are still some nuggets of info that are worth bringing to your attention.

  • We begin with this Concept Artwork depicting the entrance to Beast’s Castle site of the Be Our Guest restaurant…
There have been some changes that simplify the entrance from earlier concept art we have seen though the faux staircase remains and Da Mouse was told at the D23 Expo that the staircase was removed from the overall design. If anyone knows more, please share with everyone in the comments...
  • When Beatty was asked what he personally was most looking forward to in the New Fantasyland expansion he stated the Be Our Guest Restaurant.
  • Chris Beatty was asked what his favorite attraction was and he said, Tower of Terror because of the incredible theming leading up to the attraction.  That is also my favorite ride.  Do you think Tower of Terror is the best ride at WDW? Leave us your thoughts below…
  • When asked if we might see a living character initiative of Lumiere in Be Our Guest Restaurant, Beatty hinted the answer was yes by saying to stay tuned to an upcoming Disney Parks blog post dedicated to Lumiere.  At the D23 Expo a computer simulation of Lumiere in action was presented as part of Enchanted Tales with Belle but to the best of my knowledge never confirmed for Be Our Guest restaurant, though we do see him in the concept art.  If anyone knows more feel free to clear this up for us.
  • Beatty made note of how water plays an integral role in the story of New Fantasyland.  Water elements will be included in the stream under the bridge you cross to arrive at Be Our guest restaurant, near the entrance to Prince Eric’s Castle and even under the new double-sized version of Dumbo.
Again nothing really new but if you’d like to read a replay of the entire chat for yourself make sure to click here.


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