Enter The Da Mouse New Fantasyland Hub!

It escapes nearly no one that the New Fantasyland expansion in the Magic Kingdom, the largest of the sort in its history, has captured the imagination of theme park goers around the world.  At Da Mouse we have always been inspired by construction at the world’s most magical kingdom but its hard not to feel that this is something truly special.  And so we have waited patiently, as the first dirt was pushed around, the first vertical construction visible and now mountains and castles have arisen.  But as much as we try we can’t stop our healthy addiction to Disney magic and its stories of hope, courage and love and we find ourselves pacing for any new tidbits about New Fantasyland that might appear.

It’s why this summer and fall Da Mouse brought back larger and larger photo updates that cover every gamut of the construction.  So that you could feel what it’s like to be there and see that magic rise straight from the minds of Disney Imagineers and into the Magic Kingdom that we all dearly treasure.  But there still was this feeling that it wasn’t enough.  That there could be something more, to bring you the experience of New Fantasyland in ways that you hadn’t seen before.  It is the latter that drove us to this point and we are proud to announce the…

Da Mouse New Fantasyland Hub!

The Da Mouse New Fantasyland Hub will bring you the ultimate experience of New Fantasyland from concept to reality!  Inside you will find an incredible landing page with an interactive map of the New Fantasyland Concept Art, an enticing description of the new land, a New Fantasyland opening timeline and finally news and more at the bottom of the page.  You’ll be able to click and explore the attractions of New Fantasyland just by simply clicking on the various areas within the concept art.  This alone is a simple and neat way to navigate New Fantasyland.  Once inside the various attractions, you will be greeted with concept art, ride descriptions, as well as, the latest news and more pertaining to each individual New Fantasyland attraction.  But what excites us the most, is that this is only just the beginning.  We now have a platform to bring you the latest information on New Fantasyland in a way that is engaging and honors the scope of the New Fantasyland project.  We know you will love it and we can’t be any more excited to share it with you.

Oh and before you go check it out for yourself, we’d also like to tell you that the Da Mouse New Fantasyland Hub will be unveiling the latest New Fantasyland Photo Update later this weekend! One last thing, this site is for you and we’d love to hear from you about what you want to see in future iterations of the New Fantasyland Hub.  Enjoy and come back soon and let us know what you think…

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