Da Mouse Takes You On A Tour Of Sorcerers Of The Magic Kingdom

If you think New Fantasyland is the only thing coming to the Magic Kingdom in 2012, think again!  That’s because in the darkness of the night Disney Villains have been plotting to overtake the precious lands of the most magical kingdom the earth has ever known.  What those evildoers  didn’t know is that Merlin himself will arm you with the magical spells you will use to fight on the side of good and they don’t stand a chance.  We’ve already shown you what it might be like to face the villains but today Da Mouse will take you to the spots around the Magic Kingdom where you most certainly will stand and brave the evil onslaught with your powerful skills of sorcery.  Your journey begins after the break…

***Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Location Spoilers Below***


The adventure has only just begun and Da Mouse will bring you the latest updates from Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom so that in 2012 you can defeat the Disney Villains and help to restore order to the magical lands you know and love.