DJ Disney Music With Da Mouse On Turntable! Win A $20 iTunes Gift Card!

After an incredible first Da Mouse live DJing event on Turntable we are back and ready to rock the DJ stage once more with a night of Disney fun you won’t soon forget!  And as if that wasn’t enough we are going to have contests and giveaways including a grand prize $20 iTunes gift card!

This Saturday, November 26th at 8:30p.m. ET Disney fans from across the globe will unite along with Da Mouse for an incredible night filled with Disney music that you get to choose!   You can sit back and relax and enjoy the music others select or show off your own Disney song prowess, either way we promise you’ll have a great time.  We hope you will join us and that we can DJ deep into the night and have a chance to interact in a way that is truly memorable.  It is simple Disney fun and we know you’ll love it.

Screenshot from the amazing first Disney with Da Mouse! Thanks to everyone who made that night special!

So now onto the specifics of how to join us for the event.  As you know we love to keep things simple and thankfully Turntable, the website and iOS app make this impossibly easy.  On Saturday you will simply click to join our Disney with Da Mouse room.  Then you will need to use your Facebook account to log in.  Once inside it will prompt you to create a username and just like that you are good to go!  Inside you will see Da Mouse and other Disney fans each with their own avatar and be able to chat with them in a small chat window on the right hand side of the screen.  But of course the awesome part is not just chat it’s that you will get to take turns at the “DJ” booth and select what song plays next and everyone hears.  And if you want to really take things to the next level…along with the option of creating playlists on turntable from the already large collection of provided soundtracks, you can even upload your own music!  With all of the incredible Disney fans and their special music collections the possibilities are endless!

Contest & Prize – Giveaways

We can’t wait to be jamming along with you to our favorite Disney tunes! See you all on Saturday night!