Da Mouse Wishing You A Happy Thanksgiving! [Update] Winners Announced!

Writing for Da Mouse has been such a special thing for me.  I’m blessed in every moment and chance I get to interact with you and share in the Disney magic that we all treasure.  We are fortunate to be able to carry on the message of love, happiness and a better tomorrow that Walt Disney so humbly embodied.  It is a message that resonates on any day but even more so on a day like the one we have before us.  A day when we are reminded of that which we must be thankful for, our family, friends and the good people of this earth.

I know Da Mouse is a young community but I feel blessed to have met such great people of the larger Disney community and in many ways grown a family around Da Mouse.  I’m thankful everyday for you support and work hard to ensure not only that we bring you the magic and wonder of Disney like never before but that we honor the legacy of Walt that is the foundation of Da Mouse.  We do that not only by  cherishing the past but also by blazing the future and indeed we shall.  Together we have a ton of blessings to be thankful for but I just want to let you all know that I’m especially grateful on this day for the kindness you have shown Da Mouse and myself.

That is why today I wanted to do two things.  First I wanted to bring you into my home and share a little of the magic my mom prepares on Thanksgiving…

Second I wanted to show my appreciation of those who have taken the extra step and followed Da Mouse here on the blog by subscribing to the email list, “Liked” us on Facebook and of course become one of our twitter followers.  It really means a ton to me and I know words alone are often not enough to show how much I value your commitment to what we are building here.  So Da Mouse will randomly choose one person from each of those 3 follower groups and send them a limited edition 40th Anniversary Park Map that was handed out exclusively at Magic Kingdom’s 40th birthday.  It is something very neat and we will update this post with the lucky winners soon! But if you didn’t receive one of the exclusive maps you still have another opportunity to win one! We will be giving out one more at our Disney with Da Mouse event on turntable this Saturday beginning at 8:3op.m. ET.  We will update you with details on how to enter.

[Update] The Park Map Giveaway Winners are:

Facebook: Trish S.

Twitter: @johnhensler

Da Mouse Email List: Harry T.

Again thanks to everybody for making Da Mouse what it has become in just a short amount of time and with your love and support I can’t wait for the truly special tomorrow that awaits us.

-Raphael De Varona