Waffle Sandwiches Expand Street Food Flair At Sleepy Hollow Refreshments

Everybody loves a good waffle but at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments they are taking that thought to a whole new culinary level.  We are talking waffle sandwiches!  Sure this isn’t Epcot Food and Wine Festival level cuisine we are talking about here but sometimes when you are at a theme park, inventive and tasty street food is just what you were looking for.  With ingredients ranging from sweet and spicy chicken or prosciutto all the way to Nutella and fresh fruit there will be something for everyone’s tastes at this already popular Magic Kingdom foodie hot spot.  So join us past the break as we share with you our thoughts on the new offerings…

Good ol' Sleepy Hollow
With all the sugary treats in here you might feel a little lightheaded too 😉
Is there anything more classic Magic Kingdom than peeking in through Sleepy Hollow's windows in order to catch what tasty treats are taking shape.
Here you can see the new menu items...
Yummy fried foods awaiting their powder-sugar dusting!
Serious Waffle Machines For Serious Waffles!
Ham, Prosciutto and Swiss Waffle Sandwich - Quick Review - The flavors are a bit too bland to overpower the waffle in this sandwich and overall make for a plain but still good sandwich. While I prefer more flavor in my foods I can see where some might appreciate this sandwich with its quality ingredients.
Sweet & Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich - Quick Review- This sandwich which features breaded chicken in a sweet and tangy sauce (not truly spicy) packs a larger and more pleasant flavor punch and allows the Waffle to become a partner in the flavor mixture rather than just play an overpowering lead. This sandwich is the better of the two in our opinion and is truly filling and large enough to be shared between two people if you so wish.
With all street food you need a good and fun drink to wash it down. We tried the Liberty Swirl Slush with its blended Fanta Strawberry & Blue Raspberry combination. It's not for everyone but if you like sugary slush drinks then you'll probably not mind the taste of this one and some will love it no doubt.

We didn’t get to try these other Waffle Sandwich variations on our latest trip but here are some photos provided by the Official Disney Blog:

For Breakfast A Prosciutto Egg Omelet Waffle Sandwich
For Dessert The Fruit and Nutella Waffle Sandwich

We will keep an eye out for ya because the Official Disney Blog also goes onto mention that they are looking into adding other waffle sandwich creations into the mix, including a PB&J version.  Stay tuned!

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