Da Mouse’s New Fantasyland December Construction Update

The moment we are all waiting for is approaching and you can just feel the energy surrounding this project as you walk through the Magic Kingdom.  It seems not long ago that New Fantasyland was just a dream on paper and yet here we are about to witness the opening of the first phase of the construction (half of Storybook Circus) in just a couple of months.  As construction crews whistle while they work, or at least we’d like to think so, Dumbo’s Spinner has received some of its new 3D ornamentation that really makes this new design stand out and feel completely new.  We have bridges near Beast’s Castle and Belle’s Village, even more rock work being added to the area surrounding Prince Eric’s Castle and last but certainly not least, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train construction continues to lay down the foundation for what will be a twisting, turning and swinging adventure through fantasy forest.  So join Da Mouse as we take you on a journey through the magical construction project known as New Fantasyland.

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