Though it is also in the running for the easiest to find location as well ;)

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Locations Spotted in Fantasyland

If there was ever a place for sorcery in the Magic Kingdom it would have to be Fantasyland and yet until now there had been little sign of Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom to be found in this most whimsical land.  That is until now!  Da Mouse has found new locations in Fantasyland where you will test your sorcery might against the most villainous Disney foes who are trying to take over the Magic Kingdom.  It is a game of skill and will and you must succeed or the most magical kingdom on earth shall cease to be a happy place.  So if you are not afraid of a location spoiler or two from this new experience debuting in early 2012, step right on through.

***Location Spoilers for Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Below***

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