Just one night pleeeeaaassseee...

Da Mouse at D23′s Magic & Merriment – Part 4

If there is something Disney does better than almost anyone else is creating memories that you will not soon forget.  At D23’s Magic & Merriment there were several of those moments but one of the most unforgettable has to be visiting the Cinderella Castle Suite.  While you’ll have to stick around just a little while longer for our incredible tour experience, right now we are lucky enough to be treated to a behind the scenes look at all the work and details that went into making the Cinderella Castle Suite one of the most splendid experiences in all of Disney.  So if you don’t have some catching up to do, (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) then do we have have an incredible trip report for you!

Stay Tuned for Part 5 of this Trip Report!