It's going to be quite a different feel in Fantasyland when you can just walk straight on over to the Haunted Mansion...

Fantasyland Getting New Walkway to Ease Traffic Bottleneck

If you have ever walked over from Fantasyland into Liberty Square towards the Haunted Mansion, then you know the foot-traffic nightmare that it often becomes as a large number of guests funnel through a small opening that currently represents the shortest route between these important areas of the Magic Kingdom.  Of course, Disney fans and guests aren’t the only ones who have taken notice of this problem and it seems Disney is about to set out to try and fix it but you’ll have to join us past the break for more walkway chatter.

Disney has taken many steps in Fantasyland to try and ease congestion, from moving the placement of stroller parking, to something much more sizable like the recent inverting of the, “it’s a small world” queue which saw its exit become the entrance and vice-versa.  But having closed down the Fantasyland Skyway many years ago, Disney had a bit of real-estate that it could use to free up just that much more congestion within Fantasyland with the use of a new path into Liberty Square that is currently under construction and you shall see in the pictures below.  Some believe this pathway will provide more than just another connection between two locations in the MK.  They feel we should see the existing bathrooms over by Peter Pan effectively moved over into this new area of the park where the path will be.  As you might have guessed this would leave some more room right next to the Peter Pan queue and the rumor is that we might see that space utilized to give an extended Peter Pan queue some next-gen plussing much like what we saw in the Haunted Mansion’s queue.  So whether it turns out to be just a pathway or much, much more we’ll be sure to keep ya updated.  Now onto the photos!