Dumbo The Flying Elephant Set to Open as part of Storybook Circus In March

It has been a long journey, watching, waiting for New Fantasyland to arrive.  And while we still must wait a bit longer for other areas of New Fantasyland to open, according to Disney’s Official Calendar, Dumbo the Flying Elephant makes his triumphant return to the Magic Kingdom as part of Storybook Circus on Monday, March 12, 2012.  As with all Disney dates, they are subject to change and in fact these dates have been pushed back about a month from what was to be a mid-February opening.  At the time, Dumbo the Flying elephant was expected to open with just one of the now two spinners operational, with the second one coming online shortly thereafter.  Hopefully this extra time means we might see them both operational when the ride opens for the first time.

For those of you wondering about potential soft openings, we can only imagine that these will occur at some point before March 12 and we will be sure to pass along any word we hear on that front.  As always make sure to follow us on twitter @damousenews for the latest updates and be sure to check for our tweets tomorrow, February 2nd as we will be posting live from the Magic Kingdom!

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