Little Red provided a conclusion to a weak storyline but sadly not much else.

“Little Red” Scene Departs Kilimanjaro Safaris in Favor of Zebra Filled Savannah

Kilimanjaro Safari will transition away from the infamous “Little Red” rescue scene and the accompanying set pieces in favor of a new Zebra-filled area of Savannah.  These forthcoming changes will be complete in fall 2012 with construction beginning this spring.  Luckily the transition will occur whilst the attraction continues its normal everyday operations.  Kilimanjaro Safaris has been moving away from the poacher storyline that the attraction opened up with for many years now and this serves as a clear punctuation to mark the end of that storyline.  While full details are not yet known about what storyline might replace the current one, you can be sure the ride will continue to feature a strong conservation message, one of the staples of the attraction and Animal Kingdom as a whole.

So what do you think about the changes?  Will you miss the “Little Red” audio-animatronic or glad to see it all go away?  Are you excited to see Zebras get their own watering hole or were you hoping for another African animal to be featured in the safaris?  Be sure to have your say in the comments below.  But before you do, make sure to say your goodbye’s to “Little Red” in the photo-series we’ve provided after the break.


Source: Disney Parks Blog