The entrance to Lava Lounge

Rainforest Cafe Refurbishment To Take Its Volcano To Its Explosive Conclusion

Rainforest Cafe has always delighted guests with incredible sights and sounds (if not its food) and it aims to upgrade its volcanic status this fall when it unleashes a revamped volcano-facade for its restaurant.  Much of Downtown Disney is receiving a facelift and Rainforest Cafe is just one of the latest to receive its construction walls.  When the restaurant’s new facade is unveiled with its more intense Volcano, it will also highlight a new lounge area aptly named Lava Lounge.  Guests who wish to dine at the restaurant during the construction will have that opportunity as the restaurant will remain operational throughout the construction.  The Rainforest Cafe’s volcano refurbishment is expected to be complete this October (2012).  For more on the project including a look at the concept art and photos of its current progress, join us after the break.

We have embedded a video of the volcano at a Rainforest Cafe in Galveston, Texas that is probably a great indicator of what we might see in the new WDW version.  One word of caution before playing the video, you might want to turn down your sound a couple of notches.  Don’t say I didn’t warn ya 😉